A new front door can make a significant difference to your home. It can give an excellent impression to your visitors, and that is a good thing. However, they should be chosen after careful deliberation because a small error like picking the wrong size or color can be a costly and time-consuming mistake. There are several aspects that individuals should bear in mind before purchasing a new door. This article highlights some of them.

How To Choose A Front Door


Doors are found in different sizes because not all houses are the same. All sizes accommodate all types of houses. The classifications are mostly based on width. If your frame does not conform to the standard sizes that are available, they can be trimmed to suit your specifications. Alternatively, the frame can be measured before making a purchase then you can have your door made according to your specifications. It can be a bit costly but is the safest approach.



The front door will set the tone for your home; therefore, it is important to choose a design and color that is of a good architectural design. A subtle color and a thoughtful design will do the magic. Individuals do not have to go for shouting colors for their doors. Mild colors always look the best.


The choice of your door will be influenced greatly by your budget. If you are on a tight budget, get a door made from hemlock or engineered pine. Also, purchasing an unfinished door and doing the painting by yourself will save you some coins. Hardwood doors, on the other hand, are a bit costly but they are more durable as compared to doors made of pine and you can get them at reasonable prices. For premium options, oak doors are the best. They are resistant to any weather, and they offer a certain sense of luxury.


The way a door has been set up plays a major role in the selection of your front door. Doors that are less expensive are made from kiln-dried wood that has been put together using small wooden pegs and adhesive. Premium mortice and tenon doors are made from selected kiln-dried timber and assembled using traditional mortice and tenon joints and adhesive. They are better and more superior hence their higher prices as compared to the latter.
Therefore, when choosing your front door, consider the above factors to make your purchase and worthwhile.